Sunny Thursday prompt

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I have two.

‘Don’t be a dick’, which I think is a generally good rule to live your life by.

‘Never regret, never explain and never apologise’ is the other one. Caveat on the ‘never apologise’ bit – if you’ve accidentally done something awful do say sorry. But I feel like this quote is a pretty good one. Don’t regret your decisions, you don’t owe anyone an explanation and unless you’ve accidentally upset someone, don’t apologise for your life choices.

The funny thing is that second quote came out of a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant I went to in Manchester and I held on to it purely because I was drunk, I normally toss the fortunes I get. But this one I kept, found in my pocket and stuck it on my pinboard when I got home and it kind of… resonated.

Strange how things happen, isn’t it?

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