A flash of red

Red. It can be a really divisive colour. There are those who love it, and those who think wearing it is too ‘daring’. It’s a colour that can evoke both danger and passion. And it’s a colour that it’s very, very easy to get wrong. There is a whole spectrum of shades of red –Continue reading “A flash of red”

The Illusion of Glamour: What really happens at a fashion show

(Stock photo from Pixabay) Outwardly, a fashion show seems like the most glamorous event, doesn’t it? The clothes look incredible, the models are flawless and everything is perfect, right? Yes, for the audience it is. But for those of us behind the scenes, it’s very, very different. It was recently Fashion Week in one ofContinue reading “The Illusion of Glamour: What really happens at a fashion show”

Gothic Shoot – Final Images

They’re arriving! The final edited images from the Gothic-Themed Photoshoot are here – there’s more to come but they’re filtering in. Shoot credits: Model: Lora Clark MUA: Viktoria Kohl Stylist: Me Photographer: Andrew Boschier Location: Hambledon Church I love these three images in particular. There are many, many more but these are the three that stood outContinue reading “Gothic Shoot – Final Images”

Behind The Scenes: Portfolio Shoot

When you’ve got four pairs of muddy boots, three dress bags full of clothes and a pile of earrings that seem to have become one with the necklaces sharing their bag, you know you’ve been on a location shoot. Yesterday I was part of a team that got together to do a gothic-themed shoot toContinue reading “Behind The Scenes: Portfolio Shoot”

Alterations: Saving your favourite clothes

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, have All The Pink! Also it’s Wednesday, and on Wednesdays we wear pink, don’t we? I’m on a total pink kick right now as well. I spent far too long in town yesterday trying on pink items of clothing. I didn’t buy any clothes – I did buy some non-pink makeup,Continue reading “Alterations: Saving your favourite clothes”

Fashion Month has started!

Before we get going, I love how this stock photo makes the Millennium Bridge look way longer that it actually is, and kind of like a catwalk too (which is why I chose it). I always enjoy seeing London in new perspectives. Also love how it’s deserted – what time of day was this taken?Continue reading “Fashion Month has started!”

I can’t believe it’s not designer!

Anyone who loves fashion will have an item they really want to own. For me, it’s two items – a pair of Valentino Rockstud flats and an Aspinal bag. The Aspinal bag is being saved for, so that’s a ‘maybe in the future’ purchase, but the Rockstuds have always been something I never thought I’d everContinue reading “I can’t believe it’s not designer!”

Comfortable High Heels – a Paradox or Possibility?

Say ‘high heels’ to anyone, and you’re most likely going to get a wince and a comment along the lines of ‘yes they look great, but they really hurt.’ It’s a well known fact that most high heels are painful to wear, and they can cause damage to feet, knees and even spines if theyContinue reading “Comfortable High Heels – a Paradox or Possibility?”

The Wonder of Wellies

It rained last week. And I mean it rained. Our patio was doing a pretty good impression of a lake, and there was a magnificent puddle down by the station. I had to go into town that day, and because the traffic was so bad, I walked. In the rain. In the pouring, tipping, torrentialContinue reading “The Wonder of Wellies”