The importance of comfortable shoes

I’ve blogged about this before, I’m sure I have, but it’s about time for an update. I’m getting older. We all are. Time marches on and there comes a point when your body, specifically your spine and your feet, say ‘no more’. No more what? No more shoes that leave your feet in agony. I’mContinue reading “The importance of comfortable shoes”

Comfortable High Heels – a Paradox or Possibility?

Say ‘high heels’ to anyone, and you’re most likely going to get a wince and a comment along the lines of ‘yes they look great, but they really hurt.’ It’s a well known fact that most high heels are painful to wear, and they can cause damage to feet, knees and even spines if theyContinue reading “Comfortable High Heels – a Paradox or Possibility?”