31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 31

Today’s post is: what have you learned from doing this challenge? What have I learned? Well, mostly that somehow I can write more than two blog posts a week and it’s really a question of scheduling and spending some of my weekend doing post stuff. Also planning, because there’s no way I’m going to beContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 31”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30

Today’s post is: the meaning behind your blog name. Nothing to do with Fashion Cat, sadly. The name ‘West Surrey Style’ came about because it’s where I’m from and what the blog was originally meant to be about. As any regular reader knows, this blog is nowhere near a style blog – it’s more ofContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 29

Today’s post is: where I’ve travelled Despite my hatred of flying, I’ve actually been to quite a few places. Here’s the three most memorable. Egypt Ah, Egypt. 1994, I was a thirteen year old nerd and the only child in my class who was allowed to go on the trip. Everyone else’s parents were tooContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 29”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27

Today’s post is: favourite part of my body and why (nothing to do with biscuits sadly, I just needed a picture) I think my favourite part of my body is my eyes. I have always liked my eyes. They’re sort of grey-blue, and I like that I can wear almost any eyeshadow with eyes thisContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25

Today’s post is: Which historical figure would you most like to have dinner with and why? Always with the hard questions, blog challenge! I would probably want to sit down with Yves Saint Laurent, if I’m honest. Maybe not the most important person in world history but in fashion history? Yes, definitely. He did so muchContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 24

Today’s post is: Share your favourite recipe. Aw yis. Sit down and buckle up, folks, because here’s how to make the easiest and best bacon-based pasta dish ever. You will need: One pack Denhay dry cured streaky unsmoked bacon (you have to use this one. All other bacons are inferior – not sponsored, I just loveContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 24”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23

Today’s post is: Three significant memories from my childhood. Ugh, okay, now you’re asking. I don’t remember a lot from my childhood. If I do, it’s flashes of memory rather than one major thing sticking out to me. So I’ll try! My classmate Rachael breaking our oven I was about fifteen when this happened, and allContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

Today’s post is: If I could live anywhere, where would it be and why? Baslow. That’s where I’d move to, if I could. We went there on holiday last year, and we were very, very taken with the place and the surrounding area. To be a stone’s throw from the beauty of Chatsworth, the Peak DistrictContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 18

Today’s post is: My favourite childhood book. My favourite book when I was little was the Brambly Hedge series. I loved it – the adventures of Wilfred and Poppy and the rest were, and still are, totally magical. I treated myself to a brand new copy of the complete anthology a few years ago, and IContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 18”

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17

Day 17’s post is: what do you wish you were better at? I wish I was better at makeup. I can do a decent full face on the daily – primer, foundation, powder, blush etc – but anything creatively different or complex, I’m not so good at. Sure, I watch makeup tutorials. I know howContinue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17”