How to shop without trying anything on

In this strange time, one of the unfortunate realities, at least here in the UK, is that when you’re out on the high street, you can’t go into a fitting room to try anything on. All the fitting rooms have a sign that says ‘fitting room closed’. Darn you Covid-19. Trying on clothes is halfContinue reading “How to shop without trying anything on”

Office Christmas Parties: An Introvert’s Guide.

(Photo from Pixabay) It’s December. That means inevitably that offices across the globe will be throwing parties for their staff. This is a Nice Thing, but office Christmas parties are notorious for making people behave in ways they never normally would, and then generating gossip that circulates the office for days, sometimes months (years atContinue reading “Office Christmas Parties: An Introvert’s Guide.”

The Scary Stuff: How To Dress For An Interview

(As I’m a survivor of the corporate minefield, which includes dress codes, I am writing a series of articles about how to dress appropriately in a professional environment. I’m hoping to roll this series out to local schools and colleges to help the students as they get closer to getting their first job. It’s basicallyContinue reading “The Scary Stuff: How To Dress For An Interview”