West Surrey Style is changing!

Title! West Surrey Style is changing from a beauty and lifestyle blog into a more fashion and business focused resource. I am working on restarting my fashion business now that the world is opening up a little more, and it made sense to combine it with the blog. So this means that The Outfit Angel,Continue reading “West Surrey Style is changing!”

Clothes, age and people’s perception of you: does it matter?

I’m not bragging, but I look younger than I am (thanks, parents, for great genes!), and depending on what I am wearing, and how my hair and makeup is done, people tend to age me anywhere between early twenties to mid-thirties. I’m actually thirty-six, and I don’t mind being thought of as younger than IContinue reading “Clothes, age and people’s perception of you: does it matter?”

Age is just a number

Have a look at the photo above. How old is the lady in the photo? You can’t really tell without looking at her face, can you? She’s sixty, incidentally. Not that you’d know it from the way she’s dressed. Time was when sixty meant boring, frumpy clothes that didn’t flatter. She’s wearing an outfit IContinue reading “Age is just a number”

Personal Stylists: We Don’t Want To Make You Look Ridiculous.

(The images above are some of my student work from my course at London School Of Styling.) So I had a Skype chat with someone I hadn’t spoken to in quite a while the other day and we got to talking about what we were doing these days. I told her what I was doingContinue reading “Personal Stylists: We Don’t Want To Make You Look Ridiculous.”