West Surrey Style is changing!

Title! West Surrey Style is changing from a beauty and lifestyle blog into a more fashion and business focused resource. I am working on restarting my fashion business now that the world is opening up a little more, and it made sense to combine it with the blog. So this means that The Outfit Angel,Continue reading “West Surrey Style is changing!”

How to shop without trying anything on

In this strange time, one of the unfortunate realities, at least here in the UK, is that when you’re out on the high street, you can’t go into a fitting room to try anything on. All the fitting rooms have a sign that says ‘fitting room closed’. Darn you Covid-19. Trying on clothes is halfContinue reading “How to shop without trying anything on”

The importance of comfortable shoes

I’ve blogged about this before, I’m sure I have, but it’s about time for an update. I’m getting older. We all are. Time marches on and there comes a point when your body, specifically your spine and your feet, say ‘no more’. No more what? No more shoes that leave your feet in agony. I’mContinue reading “The importance of comfortable shoes”

5 Style Tips from Grandma

My dear late grandmother may not have been the most fashion forward of ladies, but she was always impeccably dressed. The styles of the 40’s and 50’s were her defining era, and she carried over a lot of lessons from those into her later years. She also taught me a lot about how to dress,Continue reading “5 Style Tips from Grandma”

Revamping an old favourite: saving my Coach handbag from the bin

I’m having a massive clearout at the moment. My entire family is – we have to clear out Grandma’s bits and we’re also taking the time to have a good sort out of our own stuff. My eBay selling list has never been so full, and it feels good. Clothes and accessories are part ofContinue reading “Revamping an old favourite: saving my Coach handbag from the bin”

A flash of red

Red. It can be a really divisive colour. There are those who love it, and those who think wearing it is too ‘daring’. It’s a colour that can evoke both danger and passion. And it’s a colour that it’s very, very easy to get wrong. There is a whole spectrum of shades of red –Continue reading “A flash of red”

Behind The Scenes: Portfolio Shoot

When you’ve got four pairs of muddy boots, three dress bags full of clothes and a pile of earrings that seem to have become one with the necklaces sharing their bag, you know you’ve been on a location shoot. Yesterday I was part of a team that got together to do a gothic-themed shoot toContinue reading “Behind The Scenes: Portfolio Shoot”

Winter Is Here: Finding the perfect coat.

(Photo by Printeboek on Pixabay) Being a little on the thin side because of my Crohn’s Disease, I really feel the cold. I revel in big jumpers, fluffy socks and slipper boots at this time of year. Big Snuggly, my black and white fluffy jumper, had an outing this week, so it’s officially Cold. WhenContinue reading “Winter Is Here: Finding the perfect coat.”

Five Reasons Knitwear Is King

The weather’s turned, and autumn is here. Hurrah! From my perspective, this is a great thing. I don’t really like the heat of summer very much, and I struggle to find clothes to wear in hot weather. When the weather starts to cool, and I can get my knitwear out again, I am filled withContinue reading “Five Reasons Knitwear Is King”