West Surrey Style is changing!

Title! West Surrey Style is changing from a beauty and lifestyle blog into a more fashion and business focused resource. I am working on restarting my fashion business now that the world is opening up a little more, and it made sense to combine it with the blog. So this means that The Outfit Angel,Continue reading “West Surrey Style is changing!”

The importance of comfortable shoes

I’ve blogged about this before, I’m sure I have, but it’s about time for an update. I’m getting older. We all are. Time marches on and there comes a point when your body, specifically your spine and your feet, say ‘no more’. No more what? No more shoes that leave your feet in agony. I’mContinue reading “The importance of comfortable shoes”

Winter Is Here: Finding the perfect coat.

(Photo by Printeboek on Pixabay) Being a little on the thin side because of my Crohn’s Disease, I really feel the cold. I revel in big jumpers, fluffy socks and slipper boots at this time of year. Big Snuggly, my black and white fluffy jumper, had an outing this week, so it’s officially Cold. WhenContinue reading “Winter Is Here: Finding the perfect coat.”

Five Reasons Knitwear Is King

The weather’s turned, and autumn is here. Hurrah! From my perspective, this is a great thing. I don’t really like the heat of summer very much, and I struggle to find clothes to wear in hot weather. When the weather starts to cool, and I can get my knitwear out again, I am filled withContinue reading “Five Reasons Knitwear Is King”

What I wore today

Good old British summertime. We’ve gone from a heatwave, which is when I last did one of these outfit posts, to epic rain, to ‘I wish I’d worn a jacket’ cold. Today it’s rainy and muggy at the same time. It’s weird outside – I’ve just been to the supermarket to stock up for theContinue reading “What I wore today”

Finding Footwear: The Minefield of Shoes

Let me be the first to confess that I, in my youth, made some horrible choices of footwear. I used to wear those awful platform trainer made popular by The Spice Girls. I had a pair of ‘goth’ boots that were the comfiest things in the world but made me look like I wanted toContinue reading “Finding Footwear: The Minefield of Shoes”

Clothes, age and people’s perception of you: does it matter?

I’m not bragging, but I look younger than I am (thanks, parents, for great genes!), and depending on what I am wearing, and how my hair and makeup is done, people tend to age me anywhere between early twenties to mid-thirties. I’m actually thirty-six, and I don’t mind being thought of as younger than IContinue reading “Clothes, age and people’s perception of you: does it matter?”