My birthday haul

It was my birthday on Monday (the 8th) and as with every year, there were a few presents!

Let’s start with the best one! And not pictured, because there’s personal details on it.

Ticket to the British GT and British Formula 3 championship at Brands Hatch. My friend got me this gift. Can’t wait – will have to wait till August to redeem the present, but still! It will be worth the wait. The tradition is for us to have a big posh picnic at this race, so that will be happening, with very belated birthday cake because… it’s going to be very, very late!

And now the pressies from my family:

A hat and a handbag! Both blue and white, because that’s my signature look, and these babies will go with pretty much everything.

I had a nice day. We went to our favourite local garden centre for brunch. We had been planning a whole epic shopping trip out to Guildford but I wasn’t feeling too well so we decided to have a peaceful morning browsing plants and things.

I always love visiting the garden centre because there’s loads of awesome sculptures.

I wouldn’t mind this chap guarding my plants!

So it was a nice, sedate morning out. I also overheard someone saying that they didn’t understand why one of the sculptures (an abstract flower) was so expensive. ‘It’s just some twisted metal, I could do that’. Okay then, do it.

Some people have a strange view of things they don’t understand.

And brunch was delicious. So all in all, a good day, despite me feeling a little ill.

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